No water in Ramona, President arrives at Miramar

Due to lack of water pressure, a full evacuation of Ramona is still in effect. No word on when we will be able to return. If you didn’t know devastating wild fires were still burning in San Diego, you would think it’s a normal beautiful fall day. The ash level is very low, at least in the San Diego Country Estates, since the winds pushed everything west. Compared to the Cedar fire, our area is essentially untouched.

Police and National Guard are actively patrolling Ramona and the Estates. No looting has been reported in the Estates.

President Bush just arrived at MCAS Miramar, which is only a couple miles away from my evacuation location in Mira Mesa.

On a more personal note: Suzanne is on a flight right now heading toward the U.S. She will be back in San Diego later this evening.

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