Another band? Sure, why not? Also, the loss of a sax player.

The rumour was confirmed this past week: Dan, who has been holding down the saxophone area as the fourth member of So What, is moving to Minneapolis August 1st. I really enojy playing with Dan, so this is kind of a drag, in a selfish sort of way. Speaking unselfishly, we wish him continued success. Minneapolis is a happening musical town, and Dan is a happening musical guy, so I’m sure he’ll fit right in and hit the ground swinging. He’s originally from Wisconsin, so the transition will be easier than it would for those of us who seem to have dug ourselves in pretty well here in SoCal.

This means last night’s So What gig was a “back to our roots” trio gig. I went though some of our old tunes that were never really adapted to being played as a quartet, and was really looking forward to digging into the old stuff with the guys. However, upon arriving at Mr. Joey’s, we found out we’re sharing the night with Los Reyes de Ritmo (spelling?), which is actually Mr. Joey’s band. Only having time for one extended set, we didn’t really dig into much old stuff. “Some Skunk Funk” as a trio was fairly interesting, though. Damn, Mike likes to play that one fast.

I’d just finished packing up after our set, and turned on my phone to see there was a new message. Turns out it’s Adam (drummer in Sky Bop), saying the classic rock cover band he’s been in for a short while, Shakey Ground, is in need of a lead guitarist. I haven’t been in a “lead guitarist” situation in a long time — maybe never. Thinking about it right now, I think I’ve always been the only guitar player in al the bands of which I’ve been an official member. Adam: “Oh, and by the way, we’re playing without a lead guitarists tonight, so if you want to stop by after the So What gig, feel free.”

So I do. And okay, so maybe I over played a bit, but hey, you try going from playing “Skunk Funk” at a million miles an hour then see if the two chord droning of “Feelin’ Alrright” isn’t like slamming on the brakes after a few laps on the latest Yamaha R1. (Sorry for the motorcycle reference, but the lastest issue of “Rider” is sitting right here on the desk.) Anyway, so I guess some of what I played fit in, as I’ve been invited back for the next gig. Every other week at the Black Sheep Inn. I have a few tunes to (re)learn.