Still evacd from Ramona

Just heard a fireman being interviewed by phone on the news say there may be a new flare up on Old Julian Highway. This is due north of the San Diego Country Estates, and is the general area where the Witch fire started. Unconfirmed information at this point, but doesn’t bode well for being able to return to Ramona very soon.

Additionally, water has been turned off again. Seems people who ignored the mandatory evacuation were starting to wash cars and houses, which was taking away from the ability to use water for fighting fires.

Less water + more fire != good time

Hmm, I’m starting to use pseudocode in posts. I really need more sleep.

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  1. Doug – thanks for keeping us informed. I have been getting some info from the Sentinel but your updates on County Estates is more pertinent since my folks home is there. Thanks again.

    Scott in NJ

  2. Any interactive news for the SDCEA estates is greatly appreciated since we aren’t getting any news and are not able to reach anyone via cell that may have stayed at their homes within the estates. Any news on getting back in?

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