Is The Economist Goofing on Hillary?

From the September 15th 2007 issue of The Economist, page 39, “The celebrity primary” (also here):

Mr Obama took an early lead, winning the backing of George Clooney and Matt Damon. He is also supported by David Geffen, once a big noise in the film and music business and still a stupendously rich man. Mrs Clinton has picked up support from establishment figures such as Peter Chernin of News Corporation and Haim Saban, a television investor. She is also the favourite of Jenna Jameson, star of such films as ?Blown Away?.

Not to take anything away from Ms. Jameson’s many talents, but is she the most mainstream celebrity backing Hillary? Finding little gems like this is one reason I really try to make it through The Economist every week.

Also in the September 15 issue, this is why we own a Prius and favor Biodiesel.