Little Bro Gets Married

Chad, Melissa, Suzanne, DougAt some point little Bro will post a bunch of photos for all to see, as well as the details of producing a green wedding. In the meantime, there is a sneak peak with an admitted content bias on our site.

Doug and RalphOverall, this was one of the nicest weddings we have attended (familial bias notwithstanding). Everything was great; the setting, the ceremony, the food, the sustainability message, our hemp suits, and admittedly, the chance to play in a duo setting with Ralph.

Doug and his new Carvin CL450 guitarAnd in case anyone from Carvin is wondering how I like my new CL450 acoustic/electric nylon string guitar, it’s great. It sounds particularly good through my Carvin AG100D amp. The music listening public will be seeing a lot of me with my great sounding Carvin gear in the future.