Ramona Residents May Return

The road blocks to Ramona are being removed and residents may return home. However, all those connected to the Ramona Municipal Water District cannot use any municipal water. No showers, no flushing toilets, no water from the sink, no washing houses or cars with a hose. Residents must use the 300 portable toilets being delivered to the area, and must drink bottled water.

I’m sure the decision to let residents return is in part fueled by the frustrated many who have their own wells. They were being kept out of the area because of the those who ignored the mandatory evacuation and continue to use municipal water as the water system is being brought back online.

I’m am off to pick up Suzanne from the airport momentarily. We will wait until tomorrow to return home.

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  1. Thanks so much Doug for these up-date informations. We are very pleased to know that everything is OK for both of you. Here in Europe, we are informed that it’s burning in South California … have seen some pictures about Bush & Schwarzeneger crossing the area … but nothing more. Please let us now when you will have picked up Pampita and are back home. Christophe & Corinne

  2. Hi Cristophe,

    I am glad that this site has helped you and other family members in France stay up to date with the status of the fires here. We look forward to visiting next year.


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