Recovering Videos Deleted from iPhone

My 19 month old daughter loves to watch videos on my iPhone. She knows right where to go in the Photos app — either in the Camera Roll folder to watch videos we might have recently captured, or in the “Videos” folder containing videos from the computer. Content in the Videos folder is safe from deletion, but not content in the Camera Roll. Occasionally she gets to tapping on the screen and starts the process of sending a video to someone via email (inevitably to someone in my contact list that I haven’t contacted in years), or accidentally deleting a video. More than once she has deleted a video I wished to keep.

I’ve seen “undelete” iPhone apps on the web, but no free ones. In my case, I frequently charge/sync my iPhone with my computer, but only occasionally download the Camera Roll photos and videos to an image or video editor. Figuring the video must be on my computer as part of a recent iPhone backup. I went looking for them. Continue reading Recovering Videos Deleted from iPhone