New Pazzo brake and clutch levers for my Z750S

A couple months ago I had to move my Kawasaki Z750S motorcycle out of the garage so a water pressure regulator in our house could be replaced. Like I’ve done hundreds of times before, I pushed the bike out of the garage and leaned it on the kickstand in the driveway. As I turned around to talk to the guy replacing the regulator, I heard what any motorcycle owner should never hear — the unmistakable sound of a full size motorcycle hitting pavement. I’m still not sure what happened, but since the bike was facing down the mild slope of our driveway, I’m assuming I had not extended the kickstand fully which allowed the bike to roll forward off the stand and, well, crunch…

Broken clutch lever

The damage was minimal — slightly scuffed left handlebar weight, a few scratches on the alternator cover, and a broken clutch lever. Ah, to be able to go back in time even 10 seconds. First ding on an otherwise clean bike; It’s not new any more; Why didn’t I double check the kickstand, I don’t have time to fix this; etc.

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