Massage in Schools – 1.0 release

The founders of the Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) have a goal of integrating various and disparate branch sites under the main international site, yet still allowing flexibility for an individual branch to maintain its own separate and unique web presence. The current design reflects the beginnings of an overall presence that will allow for the display of a branch site within the international site, while keeping the main international site navigation to core information about the programme accessible.

The non-standard navigation directly reflects the founders? incredible ability to question standards that may have been around for generations. The core site content provides the foundation for the international program, and aren?t foundations usually down below everything they are supporting?

The site will evolve as the Massage in Schools Association (MISA) grows into the international community envisioned by the founders.


  • PHP – used as the framework in which all content is displayed, and to fetch data from
  • XML / XSLT – data fetched from is transformed into the appropropriate HTML by means of XSLT
  • Dynamically generated HTML pages and forms