Hiking in Ramona

It has been raining a lot lately here in Southern California. In between two days of almost an inch of rain each was one bright, sunny and warm day. The rain combined with Suzanne being out of town had Django bouncing off the walls. When Suzanne is traveling he usually hangs with me at the office during the day, which is a departure from the daily walks he takes with her.

Hiking in Ramona, 2008-02-23Rather than our usual walk around the horse trails near our house, we decided to drive a couple miles down the road and hike into the Cleveland National Forest, which we hadn’t done in quite a while. There is a seasonal waterfall that is pretty unique for this area, referred to as the desert mountains, that is reachable with a moderate hike. With all the rain lately, that felt like a good goal.

Here are some highlights of our morning trek. Click on a photo to view a larger version, view the entire photo set, or go directly to a slide show. (In the slide show, click the “i” icon in the middle of the photo to view captions)

Leaving the San Diego Country Estates
Leaving the San Diego Country Estates and entering the Cleveland National Forest.

Nice views to the south
View to the south.

Witch fire damage
Witch fire damage.

Gate to nowhere/everywhere
Gate to nowhere/everywhere.

Our goal, the waterfall.

All photos taken with my Nokia N95.

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