Earthquake near Ramona, just a small one

It is not unusual to feel the occasional quake where we live just north east of San Diego. Usually the epicenter is far to the east, near or in the desert. In fact there are small quakes all over California and Nevada all the time. So when I heard the rumble and felt a little shudder about an hour ago, I was quite surprised to find out how close to home this one was.

USGS Map of Recent Earthquakes in Southern California

Red indicates an event in the last hour. This one was a magnatude 2.8 event — pretty mild. I would have slept through it had I been asleep.

Map courtesy of USGS.

3 thoughts on “Earthquake near Ramona, just a small one”

  1. I was in the bathroom when I felt it–just kind of a loud rumble. My little Westie felt it too–she barked and growled a little. We ran for my bedroom and jumped in bed to wait, but didn’t feel anything more. My son-in-law got up to use the bathroom just then–I asked if he felt it–he didn’t. But maybe that was what woke him.

  2. After the quake Django got off the bed and stood in the door to my office, looking at me. I said everything was okay, so he went back to bed.

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