Now on Braintrust

I am now an official "talent" (their word, not mine) on Braintrust. I looked into other freelance platforms, and Braintrust to me is the most interesting.

First off, my offical talent profile: Hire me

Braintrust Logo

Now, what makes Braintrust different? It’s the first decentralized talent network

Braintrust is the first decentralized talent network that connects highly skilled technical freelancers with the world’s most reputable brands…

Built on blockchain technology

Braintrust uses blockchain technology to transparently distribute control of its network to the community members who contribute to building it…

As a freelancer, you keep 100% of what you earn

We got rid of talent fees and membership costs so you can keep 100% of what you earn.

For companies

We give you everything you need to find, hire, and manage top tech talent for a fraction of the cost of agencies.

Are you freelancer? Sound interesting? Sign up as Braintrust talent using my referral link: