Live video of So What

I’ve been digging around on a desktop machine that I don’t use much these days, and came across a bunch of video from So What performances. It will take a while, but eventually all the stuff that doesn’t make us cringe will be online. Head on over the to Video page and check them out….

Roget’s Playground and Musical Memories

In 1996, Roget’s Playground formed in San Diego with yours truly on guitar. We were one of those hard to classify bands — kind of adult alternative with a bit of a jazz influence at times. I just discovered the one CD we recorded, Periodic Table Manners, is available on iTunes in iTunes Plus format….

Little Bro Gets Married

At some point little Bro will post a bunch of photos for all to see, as well as the details of producing a green wedding. In the meantime, there is a sneak peak with an admitted content bias on our site. Overall, this was one of the nicest weddings we have attended (familial bias notwithstanding)….

A Little Rebalancing

It can be frustrating at times, having both professional and personal interests that might easily occupy 24 hours of any given day. For me, those interests are playing music (focusing mainly on jazz these days) and Internet startups. Startups are well known for crazy hours, moving fast, and generally consuming one’s life to the point…